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Viqhi Aswie - Tutor Matematika, Kimia, Trainer

Name Viqhi Aswie
Birthday Pekanbaru, 01/08/1994
Nationality Indonesian
Language Bahasa
Final Project
2015 Miniplant biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil Final project of Pra-Design Plant Build a biodiesel plant in PT . BP Tangguh, Bintuni Bay in using waste cooking oil produced by the company 
2016 Production process of Biodiesel from Microalgae with Transesterification Method Using Ultrasonic Wave This research use Nannochloropsis oculata as raw material Get an A in this study and published in international journals at conferences ISFACHE 
2014 2015 Vice Head of Research and Technology Dept.HIMATEKK FTI-ITS
Departments engaged in the improvement of scholarly insight student of chemical engineering Achievement department in ITS Surabaya
2015 - 2016 Trainer Keilmiahan ITS
Community of outstanding students who formed by BEM ITS to give scientificity insight to students 
2015 – Present
General Directorate of Research and Technology Ministry of Student Executive Board ITS Surabaya
3rd Winner of National Science Writing Competition PPI 2013 was Held by Yogyakarta State University
The only one of representative of ITS Surabaya to this competition and honouring of Dean of science and math faculty
2nd Winner of East Java – Bali Science Writing Student College Competition was Held by Surabaya State University Team leader of project and the only one of representative of ITS Surabaya
2nd Runner Up of National Writing Competition “UNY Scientific Fair (UNYSEF)” was Held by Yogyakarta State University in 2014
Team leader of project and focus idea to education for increasing culture insight to elementary student Funded of “Program Kreatifitas Mahasiswa – Kewirausahaan”
Honour given by Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture and funded proposal is an interesting entrepreneurial proposals from all over Indonesia.
Best paper of 3rd National Development Student Conference (NDSC) 2015 was held by Airlangga University
NDSC 2015 is part competition of Economic Week organized by Airlangga University. Honour of best paper given by the Youth and Sport Department (DISPORA) of East Java
2nd winner of National Scientific Essay Competition (NEON) 2016 was held by Islamic University of Indonesia (UII)
This competition was held by chemical engineering of UII and theme of competition about chemical engineering.too.
Idea of this project about alternative food for sustainable food in Indonesia Gold medal of presentation and Silver Medal of poster category in “Pekan Illmiah Mahasiswa (PIMNAS) – 29” on”PKM-Gagasan Tertulis” field
Honour given by indonesia’s ministry of research and technology and higher education (kemenristekdikti RI) in PIMNAS 29 was held by Bogor Agriculture University
Selected 20 the best proposal from 13,622 proposal was upload by student college all over Indonesia and become the first place from 20 proposal was invited to PIMNAS-29

Bermanfaat Course adalah bagian dari Bermanfaat.ID Group yang berfokus pada bidang pendidikan karakter insan unggul Indonesia yang mengkombinasikan secara sinergis potensi mitra, kapabilitas SDM serta mimpi bersama mewujudkan Indonesia yang lebih baik dengan melahirkan insan yang mampu bermanfaat bagi orang lain di sekitarnya.

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